Comfy Space was founded by Nubia Roberts (The Cleaning and De-cluttering Therapist as her clients refer to her). Nubia relocated back to New York after residing in Orlando, Florida for 15 years. Her decision to do so was a simple one. Subsequent to obtaining her BS in Psychology, and Master’s in Social Work, she began working on her doctorate in Multi-Disciplinary Human Services and thought New York would be the most suitable location to conduct her research. Obtaining employment in her field of studies, however, was not as easy as she anticipated. As a consequence, she began considering her options. One thing she always truly enjoyed doing (believe it or not) was cleaning (her therapy). Thus, she started cleaning houses. The rest (as they say) is history.



To do an excellent job while ensuring our customers are respected, informed and involved, and their property protected. This is what we do best!


Being a customer-centric company, we understand the meaning of “putting the customer first”, as well as the importance of going above and beyond what we are called to do. We strive to provide the positive experience that will foster and facilitate a long-term relationship which benefits both our company and customers alike. We afford our customers the opportunity to experience a comfy space which not only soothe, but also inspires.