My husband and I have been lucky enough to work with Nubia in 3 different apartments. Nubia does an impeccable job cleaning and tidying in our home, making it look and feel it’s very best. I've recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so. I work in food and recently Nubia prepared our kitchen and offices for a visit from Martha Stewart—I wouldn't trust anyone other than Nubia with that task!

Dawn P, Brooklyn

Like many other New Yorkers, I am a very capable, hard working person.  But keeping my home and office in the kind of shape I need to remain serenely productive is not my strong suit.  Enter Nubia.  Just the other day,  she worked with me (actually, I worked with her) for four hours de-cluttering, streamlining, and organizing a space that has daunted me for years.  Despite at least one meltdown on my part, Nubia kept me focused and shepherded me through.  The result is a cleared area free of all kinds of "stuff" that was just taking up space and sapping my energy.  Nubia is a clear-eyed, compassionate woman who uses gentle tough love to move her clients through  symbolic and literal challenges.  She is a de-cluttering therapist who helps you cut through all the debris to free you up for the important things in life.  But do not take my word for it...engage her services and see for yourself!

Rebecca K, NYC

I've known Nubia since February 2016. Her service is truly excellent, and she often goes above and beyond what you would expect. For a first deep clean, she will "deeply" clean, meaning she'll mop and sweep the floors, clean inside the fridge, oven, and microwave, dust every surface including the borders of frames, and even organize and rearrange shoes, books, and electrical cords. The monthly cleanings are also superb. Every time I come home after a cleaning, I'm astonished by how clean and organized my home feels. Little things like slightly adjusting the placement of a shoe rack can make all the difference. She seems to know where things should go, making a space feel magically less cluttered without removing anything. Moreover, she is kind, respectful, and gracious. She's willing to work around our schedule and accommodate last minute changes. It's a pleasure to communicate with her, as she's always quick to respond!

Sanaë L, Brooklyn

I cannot say or recommend anyone more highly than Nubia Roberts. She is a consummate professional, takes enormous pride in her work, and does a fabulous job. Just one example of her work ethic: Before she began cleaning for me, she came to my apartment for a walk-through. She asked if I'd like her to clean the top of the refrigerator, which I said I didn't think was necessary. She then said that she would clean it anyway - because she would know she had left it dirty and could not stand that! I am very satisfied with the work done by Ms. Roberts and am sure you will be too! Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Thanks,

Kristin S, NYC

Nubia Roberts runs an outstanding cleaning business. Not only is she supremely professional, but she also cleans with the kind of passion few could comprehend, or match! Indeed, one of the first things Nubia told me when we met was that she "LOVES to clean." I did not believe her until I watched the joy with which she approaches her work. Cleaning just to make an area look neater is not Nubia's way-- she cleans it until she is satisfied that is absolutely pristine. This means Nubia will spend hours, even a whole day, making sure your home or office is in excellent shape. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a deeply thorough cleaning of their space that makes it feel brand new.

Stella Safo, MD, MPH, Harlem, NYC

Nubia has been cleaning my apartment for a little over six months now. She was referred with glowing reviews from one of my closest friends, and having Nubia has been a game changer for my fiancée and I. She does an incredible job every time and I look forward to walking through the door after each appointment. Nubia is detail oriented and thorough, and she will not leave until she is satisfied. We love her and you will too!

Cat H, Brooklyn

I will never forget the first time Nubia Roberts cleaned our house in 2014. The house suddenly felt bigger and lighter. Nubia did such an amazing job of cleaning,  went above and beyond ( and under my bed) to get rid of dust. She is dependable and very easy to communicate with, always positive with a smile on her face. Besides her cleaning skills, her energy , knowledge, and  demeanor is exceptional. I highly recommend Nubia Roberts. She is unlike any cleaning professional I have ever had and would be a wonderful addition to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me of anything else is needed.

Lenora S, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

As a property manager I've worked with several service providers. Comfy Space/Nubia is by far the most professional, passionate, and thorough cleaning service I've ever used. I'd gladly recommend her service to other businesses.

Isaiah S, NYC